Superior Zinc Formula for Peak Body Composition: Zinc Pro

Ultra-Absorbable Chelated Zinc Formula◆

Zinc Pro Plus is a cutting-edge zinc supplement featuring superior bioavailability with chelated zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. The advanced chelation process binds zinc to amino acids, enhancing absorption while minimizing gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort compared to other zinc supplements like zinc oxide.

As an essential mineral found in metalloenzymes, zinc plays a pivotal role in various bodily tissues, influencing gene expression, stabilizing cell membranes, bolstering immune function, promoting reproductive health, and more.

Moreover, scientific research has established the benefits of chelated zinc in supporting GI integrity and intestinal permeability.

Zinc Pro Plus is expertly formulated to help you achieve your daily zinc requirements by providing ultra-absorbable zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. Sufficient zinc intake is vital for a range of biological processes, including:

● Enhancing immune system health

● Encouraging efficient cellular metabolism

● Preserving DNA integrity

● Fostering reproductive function

● Strengthening GI integrity and permeability

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