Training Nutrition – Strength Phase

With the main focus on strength training being a neuromuscular adaption (brain and sending messages to the muscles to fire more) the following nutrition outline will help you fuel those pathways.


Pre Workout Meal: 90-60mins Before Training

Caffeine Ok

Low GI Carbs if depleted…. 

Electrolytes Non Buffering – Sea Salt

White Meats 



Pre Workout Supplementation:   30mins Before Training


B6, B9, & B12

400mg Alpha GPC

100-300mg L-Tyrosine

1-3g Carnitine Fumarate – Helps Fat metabolism



Intra Workout Supplementation:

MCT’s – if you need energy to fuel your work out

BCAA’s (1-2 scoops)

Carnitine Fumarate up to 1gram

Beta Alanine 2-5grams

Glutamine 5-10 grams

Taurine if Cramping up to 1 gram – Small doses can help manage calcium re-uptake during contraction



Post Workout Meal & Supplementation

(Can Delay Post Work Out Meal To Let Lactic Acid Accumulate)

Lean Proteins (low fats) Complete Protein 20-30 grams

Lower GI Carbs for Body Composition

Higher GI Carbs for Hypertrophy Gains

B vitamins & Magnesium.

Taurine 1-3grams, or Gabba (use one to calm nervous system)

Greens Drinks

Electrolytes – Buffered (Synerplex)





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