What is Neurological Strength Programming?

In this vlog I list my favourite reasons for using & the benefits of the Neurological Strength Training Phase in our Online Body Transformation & Hypertrophy programming for my online personal training clients & Team Revolt. Looking For Online Coaching? My most popular nutrition & gym training coaching pan is my – Team Revolt 5 […]

What Is Training Stimulus?

In this video I take you through some of the stimulus’s I apply to our online personal training clients to achieve the best, safest and healthiest body transformations ever.

Single Arm Costal Fly – Banded

At Home Set Up For The Single Arm Costal Fly

Carbohydrates – How To Use Carbs For Your Body Transfotmation

How To Use Carbs For Your Body Transfotmation The way I approach carbohydrates aka carbs with our fat loss clients nutrition plans is very different to most trainers. I would urge readers and gym enthusiasts to think of carbohydrates, almost as powerful as a drug or medications. What is the biggest precaution you need to […]