Program Update: 20/08/19

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Working Out Your Calories

Use the calorie & body fat. calculators to work out your baseline cals & work out your plan. I.e are you going to be eating in a deficit or surplus or maitinence…

Take your Calorie Total & Work out your Macros with the adjustments below.

Protein Target:

  • Females: 2-2.2g per kilo of lean body mass
  • Males: 2.2-3.3g per kilo of lean mass

Fat Target:

  • Males Females 1.0 x Calorie Total Of The Protein

Carbs / Starches Target:

  • if your BF is high and your new to training keep below 30g Females. 50g Males
  • Males who have completed a low carb phase 1g of carbs per kilo of body weight post work out
  • Females who have completed a low carb phase .6g of carbs per kilo of body weight

Carbs / Veges Target:

  • Minimum 35 grams. of fibre a day
  • Make up the extra calories from these sources & DON’T COUNT. THESE CARBS AS STARCHES


Your coach with 13+ years personal training & strength coaching experience and a get it done attitude.

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I’m a gym nerd with over 13 years personal training and strength coaching experience. My true passion is helping people transform not only their physique but their over all health with the most effective coaching strategies and methods available. 

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