Density 6/8/10 (3 Days PW)

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Program: Density

3 Gym Days: | Day 1 Legs & Calves  | Day 2 Chest, Rows & Abs | Day 3 Shoulders, Lats & Arms



Get ready to work hard and see results fast with this online gym program!

This online gym program is delivered via our Revolt Fitness App & is designed to help your muscles store more energy, giving them a fuller and firmer appearance. It will also boost your recovery time between sets, allowing you to get more done in a shorter period.

By committing to this online gym program, your muscles will efficiently use glucose, making you more insulin sensitive, reducing the chances of it turning into fat. This is excellent news for those looking to shed some kilos & or build muscle.

One of the best parts? This online gym program is simple to follow at the most basic of gyms

In more technical terms, this is a hypertrophy (muscle building) program with a slight metabolic feel that focuses on improving how your body uses nutrients and enhances your overall body shape & condition.

You can follow this program for 4-6 weeks & have access to the Revolt Fitness App for 3 months to complete it in a time frame that suits you.

So Let’s get started!