Pre Workout Nutrition For Neurological Strength Programming

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Pre Workout Meal

  • Low Carb – Carbs will crash dopamine levels
  • Higher Protein – Ideally red meats
  • Moderate Fats – Keytones or Mcts, Coconut oils, nuts also have small amounts of choline in them.

Pre Workout Supplements

Dopamine Booster

  • L-Dopa – up to 250mg
  • Tyrosine – 500mg up to 1000mg
  • Phenylalanine – 500 mg up to 1000mg
  • These are synergistic so lower the does if you combine them together.

Acetylcholine Boosters

  • Alpha GPC 600 mg – 1200mg ( Very Energising)
  • CDP Citicholine 600mg up to 12mg (More Focus)
  • Acetylcarnitine 300mg up to 2grams this will help boost the effects of the acetylcholine & dopamine boosters.
  • These are synergistic so lower the does if you combine them together.

Other Pre Peri Workout Nutrition Considerations.

  • B Vitamin Complex
  • Electrolytes Non Buffered if looking for performance gains Sodium Chloride 400mg & Potassium citrate 100mg.
  • Electrolytes Buffered Bicarb versions (Synerplex) if looking to use neurological as a de-load from lactic acid work.
  • Glutamine 5g, helps recycle energy in the nervous system
  • Ketones or Mct’s – choose only 1 (Ketones should be used with dopamine boosters to mitigate any bump in insulin from the ketones ).



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