Post Workout Nutrition For Neurological Programming

Post Workout Nutrition

  • 3-5 g of Leucine – Increase anabolic singling / protein synthesis
  • Whey Protein 20g-40g & EAA’s – Can use higher servings with higher amounts of high tension or eccentric work
  • Taurine 1-5g – Helps with nervous system recovery – if  training PM you may need something stronger (Theanine, phenibut, to increase GABA)
  • Magnesium glycinate 200-600mg – supports cellular energy
  • Creatine 3-5g – Supports Cellular energy – Helps spare choline, helps maintain acetylcholine levels

Post Workout Nutrition Meal

  • Macros should be based on body composition goals – *Adequate protein
  • The Neurological Phase does not require high amounts of fats or carbs to recover from. We just need to focus on specific nutrients to calm the nervous system down.
  • Higher carb meals are great for bringing down cortisol, but not calming down the nervous system – so consider (Taurine, lysine, theanine, gaba/ phenibut, magnesium,)


  • Sleep is the most important – Track the ability to fall a sleep & sleep quality
  • Serotonin & B Vitamins B6,B9,B12, are critical good sleep & for neurotransmitter function & replenishment of the receptors for (dopamine/ acetylcholine/ gaba)
  • Bad gut health can cause low serotonin. 
  • If you’re taking any SSRIs please consult your Dr before using any of the below supplementation.
  • 5htp is a great option increasing brain levels of serotonin (precursor to serotonin) but will get broken down in the gut if you have gut issues, 
  • Up to 500mg Relora can help stop serotonin from being broken down gut combines well with + B vitamins + 5htp for increasing brain serotonin.

Causes For Poor Recovery

  • Low Magnesium, Taurine or electrolytes will decrease performance & recovery in a neuro phase
  • Low dopamine will inhibit intensity of contractions and inhibit energy production
  • Low acetylcholine will decrease our ability to deal with neuro volume
  • Low serotonin will decrease receptor replenishment and our ability to be sensitive to all the other neurotransmitters.

Two great magnesium’s available from Revolt Fitness are SynerMag By ATP LABS & Quadra Mag By Strength Sensei



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