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Stop wandering around the GYM clueless! No more guessing! JUST RESULTS.



What's Involved?

REVOLT FITNESS 12 WEEK CHALLENGE IS A FULL DETAILED PLAN – (Exact exercise, reps, sets, etc…) . In general I prefer to set more of an “In Depth Plan” for your training program. Leaving no stone un-turned. Determining the split, general workout structure/exercise selection, training frequency, intensity, volume, etc (added with your nutritional phases & recovery). This 12 week program will provide exercise plans that will challenge you physically and mentally and ultimately change your body faster than ever before.

Gym Program

Challenge yourself through a Revolt Fitness strength phase, a hypertrophy phase and a fat loss phase.


Individually customised with each phase of training over the 12 weeks. I’ll even break plan out your individual calories and marco ratios.


Let me take you through a complete 12 week challenge that will not only transform you body & your health – you will have access to me via a facebook group and WhatsApp. 

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