Lactic Acid Phase Nutrition

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Carb Calculations For The Lactic Acid Phase – Starting Monday 11th.

As always if your goal is weight loss you must be in a calorie deficit (use the calculator in the members area at

Pre Work Out-
15 – 30g this is just so we have glucose in the blood to support the liver during the lactic acid phase – *remember there is a point of diminishing returns with pre workout carbs i.e. if you over eat and crash you won’t want to put in a solid session and effort required to get the stimulus required.

Post Work Out Carbs – Conservative approach
Males 1g-1.5g per kg bodyweight
Females .6g -1g per kg body weight
Aggressive approach 2g per kg body weight.

When NOT to have post work out carbs!!!
If your BF% is still fairly high 30+% – Swap for glutamine electrolytes & greens If you have not completed a low carb bootcamp. The leaner you are and the more insulin sensitive you are the more post workout carbs you can use.

Females 1.6 – 2.2g per kilo of LEAN MASS
Males 1.8-3.3g per kilo of LEAN MASS

Make up the excess cals from fats just use these away from pre and post training meals – Pre & Post training meals should be under 10g of fat.

*if your weight loss stalls and you have not had a re feed for a while – you can use a re feed to stimulate your metabolism



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