Estro Control – Supplement Review

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If I had a dollar for every time a female client grabbed onto her inner thighs and said “How do I loose lose THIS??” or pointed to her backside and said “THIS is my problem area!!” I be the Zuccerberg of the Fitness Industry.

Well we all know “Spot Reducing” Fat almost impossible but…. What if I told you there was a way to manipulate the hormones responsible for storing fat in these areas certain areas..

Basically having an imbalance in estrogen (there is good E2, badE4 and extra bad E16 estrogens in the body) can lead to the body storing more body fat around the hips, thighs and booty.

Let me run you through the nutritional steps we use with clients to promote lower body fat loss.



Your coach with 13+ years personal training & strength coaching experience and a get it done attitude.

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I’m a gym nerd with over 13 years personal training and strength coaching experience. My true passion is helping people transform not only their physique but their over all health with the most effective coaching strategies and methods available. 

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