DB Row For Lats

Exercise Demonstration of the Dumbbell Row – Lat Focused

Body Part: Lats / Back

Here’s one of my favorite back dumbbell exercises:The dumbbell lat row. This powerful movement is perfect for really targeting those lats and creating that strong, V-shaped back that we all crave. So, grab your dumbbells, and let’s dive into the technique and execution tips for the DB lat row to maximize your gains and sculpt those lats like never before. Are you ready to bring the intensity? Let’s get started!



With more than a decade and a half of hands-on experience, Justin is not just an online fitness coach, he continues his in-the-trenches work at his gym Revolt Fitness Narraweena on Sydney's Northern Beaches implementing his distinctive approach to personalised fitness coaching with small group coached hours that offer personalised attention, creating a community atmosphere while ensuring individual progress.

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