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How To Use Carbs For Your Body Transfotmation

The way I approach carbohydrates aka carbs with our fat loss clients nutrition plans is very different to most trainers. I would urge readers and gym enthusiasts to think of carbohydrates, almost as powerful as a drug or medications. What is the biggest precaution you need to take, when your Dr prescribes you a drug or medication? Taking the right dose… AKA you need to take the right dose of CARBS (and not OD).

Therefore, when Carbs comes into play. Managing the “dose” of carbs you eat/drink every day is the first step towards fulfilling your aim of fat loss and a fit lean athletic body.

Some of the most important aspects to keep in mind, regarding carbohydrates and fat loss intake are:

  • Timing of intake. Should you take them in the post work out, morning, afternoon or perhaps, at night?
  • Frequency of intake. Can you eat carbs every day? Alternate days? Only on weekends?
  • How much to take. How much are you allowed in your diet plan?
  • What type of carbs to take. High Glycemic, Low Glycemic carbs or only Complex Carbs?
  • What results to expect. How will carbs lead to fat gain or even better lean muscle gain?
  • Insulin is a building hormone you can either build muscle or fat (Insulin can be controlled by carb intake)

It’s these reasons that I regard carbohydrates a powerful tool for any body transformation and fat loss program, almost as powerful as drugs. Using carbs at the right time and in the correct proportion is what yields the best results. Which is why completely eliminating them from a regular body transformation and weight training diet is not advisable.

Three Steps to Carb Success

Step 1 – Do a 7-14 Day Carb deplete (sign up to our blog and get our Carb Deplete Plan FREE)

Step 2 – Follow a carb cycling plan

Step 3 – Fat Loading – Don’t be afraid of Fats

Over the next few weeks I’ll be breaking this down for our members in the members section so you can build your own awesome diet and an awesome physique.



Your coach with 13+ years personal training & strength coaching experience and a get it done attitude.

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