Blood Tests For A Complete Body Transformation

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Before taking a more aggressive supplementation protocol it is important we get your base bloods (The big 3) to optimal levels, as these all have an impact on how well every one of the supplement protocols will work!

Work with your Dr in regards to blood tests this can help get a better understanding of your overall health. It’s also a nice way to check in and see that not only has your body changed but you have improved your blood markers and overall health.

Base Bloods – The Big 3

• Red Blood Cell Magnesium (4.2-6.8 mg/dl)
• Red Blood Cell Zinc (1400-1500 mg/dl)
• Vitamin D (80-120mnol/l)

Benefits of Magnesium and Body Composition:

• All hormones are affected by Magnesium levels
• Better Insulin management
• Better Cortisol management
Optimal Result for blood test 6.8 mg/dl on a Red Blood Cell test

Benefits of Zinc and Body Composition:

• Zinc is essential for the production of androgens & IGF-1
• Regulates dopamine levels (Drive & Focus)
• It helps with tissue repair
• Aromatase inhibitor
• Improves appetite
• Improves Immune function
• Improves male libido
Optimal Result for blood test – 1400mg/dl on a Red Blood Cell test

Benefits of Vitamin D3.

• Vitamin D3 is a pro hormone
• Improves insulin/glucose management
• Helps with detoxification
• Improves cortisol management
• Has a positive impact on thyroid health
• Improves immunity
• Improves bone health
Optimal Result for blood test – 80-120 mmol/l

Fasting Glucose

• Marker for insulin resistance and diabetes
• For every 1 point above 84 there is a 6% increase in the risk of developing type 2 Diabetes
Optimal Result Below 4.7mmol/l or 84mg/dl

Full list of Labs

The following lab tests will help us determine what going on at a cellular level and that can help determine the best protocol for your Health & fitness goals.

o Red Blood Cell Magnesium
o Red Blood Cell Zinc
o Vitamin D
o Mtfhr Gene
o Thyroid Panel
o TSH, T3 & T4
o Hemoglobin A1C
o Mercury
o Cortisol – saliva (Not Blood)
o Fasting glucose
o Fasting insulin
o IGF-1
o Liver Function Assessment- AST, ALT and GGT
o Free and total testosterone status
o E2/16 2-hydroxyestrone (2OHE1) and 16α-hydroxyestrone (16αOHE1)



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