5 Fitness Bullets Friday


Here is your 1st installment of 5 Fitness Bullets Friday, these are all things fitness that I’m enjoying each week I want to share with you all. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY ONE PUBLISHED ON THE BLOG – I’m only sending this info out to Revolt Fitness Community email subscribers each week so register NOW.
 1. 1 Thing I’m listened too

This week my favourite podcast was two of my favorite mentors Ben Pakulski and Charles Poliquin collaborating on Ben’s Muscle Expert podcast. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

Ben & Charles dive into how neurotransmitters dictate an athletes needs for supplementation, training program design, and periodization; the controversial topic of intermittent fasting; how food intolerances can have a dramatic effect on body composition as well as the lessons Charles has learned about when to follow experience versus ‘studies’.



These grips set your hands in a position to allow you to focus on contracting your back harder allowing you to recruit more back with less forearm and grip fatigue.

I’m finding I’m able to split my rowing exercises up into Lats Rows for back day & Rear Delt Rows for Shoulders.

Revolt Fitness members have access to these at Plus Fitness Balgowlah.


 I’m a big fan of these bars as I spend a bit of the time on the road and Caltex has them in stock. They have 20 grams of protein and if I’ve left the house with no meals or lunch prepped I can drop by a caltex and grab one. They are also available on iHerb.com far cheaper than caltex if you buy a box of 12.

4. SLOW Steady State Cardio….. WALKING
 I’ve never been a big fan of steady state cardio or walking but I’ve added in the name of  “Don’t knock  it till you TRY it”  while I still believe the biggest bang for your buck cardio is HiiT. The Slow Steady      State Cardio has its place especially as tool to lower stress and driving creativity especially as I live      in an awesome part of the world and can walk down to Manly Beach a few times a week. It also has    it’s fat loss benefits.
5. Book of The Week – Tools of Titans….. 
This book is packed with tips from  not only fitness industry leaders but just genuine bosses from all    industries. It’s a collection of Tim’s Ferris’s blog. Where he spends time delving into what “World         Class Performers” do in their daily routine that makes them successful and offers us an insight into      tips and tricks and you notice they have a few similar simple things we can all incorporate into our      lives every day.


With more than a decade and a half of hands-on experience, Justin is not just an online fitness coach, he continues his in-the-trenches work at his gym Revolt Fitness Narraweena on Sydney's Northern Beaches implementing his distinctive approach to personalised fitness coaching with small group coached hours that offer personalised attention, creating a community atmosphere while ensuring individual progress.

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